Good afternoon my friend, what have you been up to?

Not too much lately to be completely honest – just been getting back into my daily routines, I got back from NY and UK like a week ago, and the jet lags been an absolute mess this time around. But also been arranging a few newer ideas between both myself and a few other friends. I’m looking to start 2 new projects aswell – one is PSGR with the great mate of mine @byjakeday, making clothing inspired by interior design movements

And also 4karl or MadebyME (I have yet to decide on the better name) which is going to be recycled custom clothing pieces, as well as working on part 3.


What’s the latest with PAF Club? What have you been working on?

At this point I’m just trying to push what I felt worked best / what I liked most out of the PT .2 collection (for PT .3) in my opinion I liked the belts the most – simply for the fact that I had the most fun sourcing fabric screens and inks; screen printing and constructing them all myself.

Essentially we’ve just been lowering our production quantities in order to sell higher quality products – PT .3 will only include maybe 1 Top and maybe a pair of bottoms – we’re looking mostly to push a lot of accessories in the newest collection with the hopes of being able to construct and have control over every design aspect – In also hoping to focus on less common materials like PVC, faux leather and a few others.

What is the story behind the birth of PAF? How did it all start?

For the birth of PAF , I think was in late 2012 or maybe early 2013, I was really just making shirts for myself to wear without getting ripped off for something that was just a cheap print on cotton from a store- basically the first 5 I made were just for me and my own designs. PAF wasn’t even a name I’d heard of nor did I have the intent of making a brand, until it was pointed out by others they liked the designs – and that there was a rather consistent theme from all the references I used for the designs

It was like one of those “I can actually do this” realisations – and from there, has sort of just become like a wearable mood board of my inspirations and influences – hence the meaning PAST AND FUTURE

Talk to me about the creative process from start to finish of each new part that is released?

I feel like our collections almost showcase the evolution in what we learn from each prior release – and I guess I just always wanted to sell items I felt had of a certain amount of quality, but mostly the idea that there was passion and an actual effort has been put into making said item, which was just a result of the amount of time that went into them I think.

There’s also a lot of trial and error – with sourcing we go through a few prototypes of items before finding the right design- I can be abit picky with those kinds of things- at the moment I’m really interested with the idea of 1 of 1’s. Simply the idea of owing a product that has some type of detail that separates it from every other, is  something I’m very much a fan of – in that example the part 2 remaining products have all been hit with semi randomised screen prints all over, just to add that extra bit of individuality. Hopefully this is something we can implement into almost all of part 3.

What is the hardest thing about running an underground brand?

I don’t love the whole stigma that follows an ‘Ig’ brand just for the simple fact that there are so many in existence today – it kinda makes it easier to cram every one into the same box, despite the quality or effort differentiating between each brand. That isn’t to say I think we’re the best around or something along those egotistic lines- just that we’re one of the few trying to curate a consistent theme between every collection.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Any other brands or stylists?

I’ve always really like GOLF, Asspizza and ACW, they were definitely brands that showed off their own designers lives and interests, and really encouraged me to (and still does) do some digging and try and figure out – what my actual style and interests are, and how that could be translated through clothing in my own way.



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