BEHIND THE BRAND: @paladesign

PALA DESIGN is a Gardena, CA based market & lifestyle brand. Originated in 2017, by two friends motivated by their own passions & successes.
Did you have any experience in design or fashion? or did you just jump straight into it?
No prior design experience, we were influenced by fashions past & present cultures. Using art to speak volumes to today’s modern community.
Talk to me about Pala’s message of ‘some people die at 25, and aren’t buried till 75’?

Becoming PALA DESIGN’S slogan, in which the meaning can be related to anyone who truly believes in achieving their dreams, aspirations, and goals. From painters, artists, athletes, models, travelers, and the next creators of the world.

Were they any difficulties with getting the brand up and running?

Honestly it was more of time thing, we were both in school, getting our first Bachelors in Science degrees, and then I went pro in soccer. Andres was still in school. So we’ve been planning this drop for awhile, it was pretty amazing how we sold out in 3-4 days actually and the feedback from the community and even at global stand point is amazing. Orders from LA , MIA, Vegas, London , Chicago.. showing love to the team.

What’s the future looking like for Pala?

As for the future, we just wanna continue using art to spread volumes at global level one day, but we’ll take it one city at a time. Just inspire people to believe in themselves, and be the best version of themselves while looking fly.





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