Shot by @summerpoolclub x 98    Model @saltyynips

Can I call you Mr. PoolClub?

Mr.Poolclub sounds legit, I’ll take it.

How are things in your world? What has been happening?

Life has been pretty challenging lately hey; just tricky being a young dude fully independent trying to make a name for myself buuuut, I wouldn’t have it any other way! Just keeping the daily Grind going is the main key.

How long have you been in this photo game?

Since the day I turned 16, so that’s about 4 and a bit years ago! Shit that’s gone quick! But I really started my venture in the photo imaging world about 2 years ago so I’m still super new with plenty more to learn.

Talk to me about the struggles and success of working as an independent creative?

I Could chat about this for ages so I’ll keep It summarised-ish. In a social media saturated generation that I’ve grown up in it’s really difficult to find a unique twist or “style” to split myself from the other talented creatives. Many just follow like sheep and “play it safe” but I hate being Normal so the only way I can feel fulfilment in my Images is being a little left of centre from the norm. One massive struggle for me is financial stability and growth because the little money I make from my other two Bartending jobs pays for life’s expenses and that’s kinda it. IF ANYONE HAS LIKE $5,000 just lying around, “DM ME” haha.

Touching on gear, what’s the fine line of having all the best gear vs. focusing on the actually art (frame, light etc.)?

Camera equipment (body’s, lenses, lighting, accessories) is needed, but whilst stating that; I do believe that a KODAK disposable from K-Mart can be used in ways to tell a different story. One that an expensive, sharp and saturated Canon or Sony set up could never compare to. But I’m saying that it all comes down to the photographers skills & Vision. I’ve seen photographers with stupidly expensive Equipment who take average shots, so I personally believe it’s the photographers mind that is more powerful then the material in his or hers hand. But hey if you got the money and the skill?! You’re ready to go!

On set you create a great vibe with your subjects. How do you get them to meet with your vision?

The easiest way for me to get my vision across to the beautiful people I work with is to simply explain with mood boards and my show them my deep Pinterest Gallery’s. On set is different though, I like to laugh, have fun and play music that blends well with the attitude and look I want from my subjects. But clear communication is the most effective way for a successful shoot.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I can’t really pinpoint where I get my core inspiration from, it’s all over the place haha! From looking out the car window, to scrolling through Instagram/Pinterest and even just in shopping malls looking at what people wear. Everything to me is a form of inspiration, it’s not about what it is, it’s all about what you make of it. A piece of toast to someone else could mean something completely different to me hahaha, I’m hungry so I guess that’s why I used that example – but ya get the picture

So last thing Mr. PoolClub, where do you see the future for yourself?

This question scares the shit out of me hahaha, I honestly have no clue on what my future holds but my ambition of weaving my way into the fashion and or Music Scene in photography and content creation has been on my mind for a few years now. I don’t want to be some big named Photographer, I just want to make my living as a photographer instead of anything else! Hopefully by the time I’m 25 that could be a cool possibility but let’s just see where my hard work, passion and drive will take me! As long as you have your health and a smile on your face, life’s gooooood!

Thanks for the questions dude I really appreciate it




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