Styled by @ac.blast

Hey Anna, how is life with you?

Hey, life’s going good, I’m currently working 2 jobs and studying a Bachelor in Engineering. Life’s busy but I enjoy it that way.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as underground, streetwear and/or Korean fashion. My style is definitely influenced by my interests, I grew up loving anime and art but as I’ve gotten older and had less time to create artworks I’ve begun to channel that creativity through fashion.

Do you see any local brands that are really producing the goods?

A couple local brands that I like are @not.sogood and @vada.official. Not.sogood is a Brisbane brand currently working on a new release called and themed “rengade” in June, which is supported by local creatives like Sean Pyke and Eric Sanders. Vada is a collective group involving art, music, modelling, fashion, based on the Gold Coast. Both pretty cool!

Are you much of a thrift shopper?

I really like thrift shopping, I don’t care about the price of a piece of clothing so long as I like it and it actually looks nice. My friends and I like to DIY our clothes too, to really make it something original.

What’s really trending at the moment that you notice?

A recent trend I’ve noticed is the use of brighter colours. For example, Adidas x Danielle Cathari released a recent womenswear collection of athlete x leisure clothing, incorporating the use of brighter colours like yellow, orange and blue. Other trends that I’ve noticed, especially in Korean fashion, is chains, checkers and berets. But I believe anything can be a trend, it’s whatever you make it.



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