Styled by @hervelavine

What’s been happening lately dude? Any shoots, collabs or events?

I’ve been having some collab work with Nike, and amazing photographers in and around Melbourne. As for events, I’ll be attending ego expo Australia on the 17th and 18th of this month. Doing a few runways for well known street brands around Australia. It’s a cool movement, knowing creatives in Australia are getting together to show case their talent not only in fashion but music as well.

Inspirations within the fashion scene, people, places or brands and why?

inspiration within the fashion scene..umm l don’t really have any specific person on theme l go for. I get inspired by almost anything, from seeing color coding in funiture stores, a cool outfit on the streets, some awesome character in a movie l can relate with. Even an animated cartoon character haha, l literally can’t pin point any inspirations. I just get a bunch for fresh ideas and merge it together then work towards making it fashionable

What do you prefer, To colour or B/W in your outfits?

I definitely prefer color in my outfits, but as a teenager it was always the b/w. I believe the colors you chose to wear is a reflection of your character or vibez, it’s all about the vibe for me manee. Expressing myself through anything..including clothes. And my expression is not limited to b/w, at the same time l don’t over do the colors yah know haha. There’s a HervΓ© code in matching certain colors

Future goals for 2018 and beyond? What do you want to achieve within the next 12 months?

Future goals in 12 months…damn that’s a full on question brutha, well l always aspire to express myself more in all areas of creativity. Let ma light shine babyyy! It’s the only way to see where I’m going on this highway you call life. The future is unknown and unpredictable, so you got to turn your head lights on, get it??


Interview by @summerpoolclub


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