What’s been happening lately fashion wise for you dude? Any Photoshoots, collabs or events recent or future?

Not too much to be honest , I’ve been having a bit of a break considering it has been the Christmas holidays. I’m ready to start getting back into everything and have a productive year.

What 3 brands influence your fashion style choice and why?

I wouldn’t say any particular brands influence my style but their are brands I wear and respect more than others. Brands like M+RC , MISBHV and Alyx Studios are my favourite at the moment.

What brand is about to “blow up” or is on the rise in the Streetwear scene?

Old Habits out of Sydney , Aus and Jody Just our of New York are both some friends brands I love

Thoughts on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram?

I’ve never used Pinterest personally but I know some people who use it as a source of inspiration I can’t really comment on it tho.

Instagram used to be the best possible thing to launch a career in any type of creative field but ever since Facebook took over and the algorithm changed it’s turned to shit. It just sucks it’s still the most used platform because it’s smashed with ads now too.




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